Wineries are energy and water-intensive businesses. Electricity and natural gas expenses are a large part of operating costs for wineries. Radiant Energy helps reduce energy expenses with a variety of energy solutions. We negotiate lower energy rates and contract terms that align with your goals. Creating cost-saving energy strategies allow wineries to operate more efficiently.

Similar to energy costs, farming conditions for wineries can change each year. Energy budgets help wineries to operate more competitively and deliver a more consistent product to its customers. Whether you’re looking to control your energy costs, develop a budget, retrofit to energy-saving equipment or just want to learn more, we offer a free energy consultation to help you get started.


Uncorking Energy Use in Wineries

Wineries use electricity for refrigeration and HVAC, with refrigeration taking the lion’s share. Natural gas is used to heat water to provide process heating and for cleaning. In 2013, the engineering consulting firm, Berkeley Applied Science and Engineering (BASE) Inc. published Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Wineries for Retrofit and New Construction Projects, which recognizes the major end-uses of electricity as refrigeration, process equipment, and lighting. The report also suggests some worthwhile efficiency upgrades. Consumption data for gas fuels vary based on the amount of hot water or steam used as well as the gas burning equipment used; we couldn’t find a credible source to specify gas fuel data.

Radiant Energy reduces the energy costs for wineries by offering energy solutions

Partnering with Radiant Energy

Save Time

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Save Energy

Running a winery takes time. Let us help you save time by working with the energy suppliers so you don’t have to. We ensure suppliers are providing quality service and resolve any unforeseen billing issues.

We leverage our portfolio, experience, and supplier relationships to negotiate lower rates and more favorable contract terms than customers can alone.

We have cost-saving solutions that also reduce your winery’s energy consumption.

Radiant Energy is an independent energy services company with the goal of providing wineries with the most profitable energy solutions. We develop tailored energy strategies that align with your needs. Our mission is to deliver transparent and financially sensible energy solutions to our clients. Radiant Energy offers a free, no-hassle, no-obligation, consultation to help guide you to finding long-term energy savings.

We leverage our customer portfolio and industry relationships to negotiate lower rates and more favorable contract terms than a customer can alone. Our services are performance-based, so we only get paid if we save you money.