Solar Jobs 2017

The Solar Foundation has an interactive map displaying solar jobs census data in America. The Solar Jobs 2017 Census is in and available now on their website. The Solar Jobs Census shows about 250,271 Americans with solar jobs in 2017. These numbers are down by 3.8% compared to solar jobs in 2016, making this the first decrease since 2010. Although we saw a decline in 2017, the long-term growth for solar jobs shows continued growth.

There doesn’t seem to be any indication of the reason for the slight decline, but we do have some ideas. The solar tax credit was in limbo during the last couple of years, which made it difficult to plan large-scale solar projects and remain financially sensible. The controversy at the Department of Energy and government support going forward could have caused a lack of market confidence. Evidence seems to suggest this was the only year we will see a decline in the next growth years.

Solar Jobs 2017 – State by State

California still leads the pack coming in as the number one state with solar jobs in 2017. Massachusetts holds onto second place for three years running. Below is the breakdown of the top ten states with solar jobs for 2016 and 2017.


Top Ten States Solar Jobs 2016 - Radiant Energy


Top Ten States Solar Jobs 2017 - Radiant Energy

Solar Jobs 2017 – Job Classification

The breakdown of solar jobs 2017 by function are similar compared to years past. It’s likely, these figures will continue to trend in a parallel fashion. Below is a breakdown of solar job functions for 2016 and 2017.


Types of Solar Jobs 2016 - Radiant Energy


Employment Breakdown – Solar Jobs 2017  

Solar energy only makes up about 2% of the country’s energy generation, yet it employs twice as many as the coal industry and nearly five times as many as nuclear power. Solar jobs have increased by 110% since 2012.

Solar Job Growth 2017 - Radiant Energy
Solar Jobs 2017 Demographics - Radiant Energy
Solar Energy New Hires - Radiant Energy

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