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Project Description

Case Study

Sports Team Faces Dilema

When a sports team and their arena faced an energy dilemma with the potential to cause millions of dollars in losses, the company turned to Radiant Energy to devise an energy backup plan and alternate fuel solution. Radiant’s energy professionals facilitated the project from beginning-to-end without interruption in energy service and no operational downtime. What can we say? We’re team players.

Having an Energy Backup Plan:

Energy management is an ever-changing, volatile field that demands consistent day-to-day attention and swift action to meet unpredictable challenges. A crisis, such as an energy shutoff, can cost millions of dollars. Knowing how to manage these issues prevents a disruption in service and avoids the possibility of expensive losses.


A sports team and their arena received short notice that the electricity source for its arena would be out of service for three days or more for maintenance. Even this short disruption would result in millions of dollars in losses for the sports team, even during off-season. Radiant Energy went to work immediately to provide its client with an alternate solution.

They will need windows and walls that can’t break or you can’t punch holes in them.”

– Jon Cooper


On Radiant Energy’s recommendation, the sports team installed a commercial sized natural gas powered generator that enabled the arena to operate during the downtime. The generator connected at the same point as the natural gas system, and necessary changes were made to accommodate energy use. To ensure the switch-over went as scheduled, Radiant was involved throughout the installation process. In addition, Radiant provided a detailed analysis of the project upon its successful implementation.


The transition from short notice and back-up energy supply was quick and seamless, without any downtime or interruption in energy service. Radiant’s leadership and the collaboration of the team’s engineering staff, resulted in a strategy that prevented disaster and avoided significant financial impact.

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