Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators are a type of power generators that use natural gas to create the electricity it provides. Natural gas generators come in all sizes to be used in homes and businesses. Other types of generators include ones that are powered by propane, gasoline, or oil. Natural gas is the best fuel source to power a generator due to its reliability. Natural gas is piped underground and delivers as a constant source of fuel. Generators powered with gas or propane often need to be refilled. Depending on the circumstances of utilizing generators, refilling the generator can be impossible or inconvenient.

Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

Automatic Operation

When the power goes out, your natural gas generator will automatically power up to provide back-up electricity.

No Refueling

Did you already use your generator this rainy season? Don’t worry. Natural gas powered generators never need to be refilled.

Direct Connect

Natural gas generators connect directly to your electrical panel and doesn’t require extension cords or plugs.

Less Expensive

When the power goes out, your natural gas generator will automatically power up to provide back-up electricity.

How Do Natural Gas Generators Work?

An automatic backup generator is a backup power supply when your traditional power source goes out. Within a few seconds of an outage, your generator kicks-in to supply power. Shortly after your utility power is reconnected, the generator shuts off automatically. Your natural gas generator would sit outside of your home or business just like a central air conditioning unit does. Since natural gas is delivered to your home or business directly, you can use it as little or as much as needed without refilling it like some generators.

Natural Gas Generators at Home

Backup generators are a safe and reliable power source for your home in the event of a power outage. Generators come in all sizes and can power as much of your home’s energy consumption as you’d like. Power outages are unpredictable and having backup power with a natural gas generator will ensure that you still have electricity when you need it most. With the reliability of natural gas, there’s no need to run to a gas station to fill the generator for operation.

Natural Gas Generators for Businesses

Power outages are unpredictable, and the loss of power can affect business operations. Natural gas generators can provide power during outages and allow companies to do business as usual.

Radiant Energy is an independent energy management company focused on profitable energy solutions. Backup power utilizing natural gas generators is an excellent choice for the right customers. Each customers’ needs are different and for some, that means installing a natural gas generator. We analyze your company’s power demand, rebates, tax credits, geographical location, utility rates, and much more to determine whether a generator is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a generator or just want some more information, contact us today! We offer a free, no-hassle, no-obligation energy consultation to see how we can help you save money.

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