Natural Gas Foodservice Equipment

When it comes to natural gas in restaurant kitchens, it’s a must. Chefs prefer using natural gas because of its quality and efficient performance. Natural gas foodservice equipment delivers the level of cooking control, speed, and precision restaurant’s need. The kitchen isn’t the only one benefitting – natural gas foodservice equipment is efficient and lasts longer. With less operating costs and long-lasting equipment, restaurants owners will enjoy a more profitable bottom line. There is a large number of natural gas foodservice equipment to take on any restaurant menu.

Here are a few common pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. 

Did you know?

  • Natural gas reduces restaurant kitchen’s operating costs by roughly 33 percent
  • When power goes out, natural gas allows restaurants continue to operate

Natural Gas Ranges

A Natural Gas Range is a Natural Gas Foodservice Equipment - Radiant Energy

Natural gas ranges provide precise temperature control, balanced heat, and instantly turns on and off

Natural gas ranges cost nearly half as much as their non-gas counterparts

Natural gas Chinese ranges deliver intense heat and rapid transfer to ensure exotic flavors and crispy textures

Natural gas stockpot ranges can hold up to 50 pounds of food which providing precision, balanced heat, and efficiency

Natural Gas Ovens

Natural gas ovens are an essential natural gas foodservice equipment. Natural gas ovens heat food up to 25% faster than non-gas counterparts. Natural gas ovens are available in conventional, radiant, convection, and combination models.

Natural Gas Boiler-less Combination Ovens

Save water, energy, and time

Yield more meat product

Reduce shrinkage and retain moisture 

Combines high-quality convection and steam-heat cooking

Natural Gas Bake/Roast Ovens

Reduce cooking times

Improved shelf-life of cooked products

Gives an ‘open flame’ flavor

Natural Gas Rack/Tray Ovens

Feature rotating racks and glass viewing for guests

Improved cooking speeds and consistently prepared food

Chefs can cook multiple menu items together or separately

Natural Gas Barbeque/Rotisserie Ovens

Provides balanced heats and helps preserve moisture

Showcase the natural gas’ blue flame for a more attractive display

Natural Gas Deck/Pizza Ovens

Provides improved heat distribution

Have space-saving design and increases production

Comes with numerous options and variety of models

Natural Gas Fryers

Natural gas fryers enable quicker recovery and their fuel efficiency exceeds 80%

Natural gas fryers have additional energy-saving options, such as infrared burners and electronic ignitions, which can increase efficiency by an additional 15%

Natural gas fryers speed up production times and volume

Natural gas fryers cost less to operate than non-gas fryers

Natural gas fryers deliver balanced heat and prevent over-cooking

Natural gas fryers can eliminate the need for a backup fryer as they are more reliable

Natural gas fryers are a natural gas foodservice equipment - Radiant Energy

Additional Natural Gas Foodservice Equipment

Natural gas griddles deliver faster cooking speeds and heat retention while using 30% less energy

Natural gas broilers deliver instant heat response on-demand while reducing costs and eliminating smokes

Natural gas double-sided cookers can slash cooking times in half while enhancing quality and flavor

Natural gas tilting skillets have consistent cooking temperatures with thermostatic controls while reducing cooking time by 25%

Natural gas compartment steamers deliver fast and quality cooking for small and large volumes of food

Natural gas steam kettles raise temperatures from 212°F at 0 psi to 298°F at 50 psi, allowing chefs to simmer foods at a low temperature and bring other foods to a rapid boil

Natural Gas Waterheating and Dishwashing

Natural gas booster dishwashers deliver hot water instantaneously and exceptional cleaning power

Natural gas booster water heaters ‘boost” water temperatures up to 180°F to eliminate grease and bacteria

Natural gas ware washers help prevent injuries and reduce operating expenses by increasing temperatures to 160°F for the wash cycle and keep the temperature of the tap water below 120°F

Natural gas tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water and up to 50% in energy savings

Natural Gas Ambience

Natural gas powered outdoor lights and tiki torches deliver an inviting glow, added security, help repel insects, and stay on, even when the power goes out.

Natural gas outdoor heaters heat up to a 20-foot radius, cost less than non-gas counterparts, and extend the outdoor dining seasons for restaurants

Natural gas desiccant dehumidification systems improve indoor air quality, reduce excess moisture, help eliminate mold, reduce the energy load off the AC, and are more efficient than their non-gas counterparts

Utility Rebates with Natural Gas Foodservice Equipment

Utility rebates may be available for natural gas foodservice equipment in your area. There are a large number of utility rebates that are offered to home and business owners that switch to natural gas equipment. Each utility has their own rebate guidelines. Whether you are looking to add natural gas equipment to a new construction project or converting to natural gas, rebates can add savings opportunities.

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