The Multifamily industry has complex needs when it comes to energy. Multifamily groups buy and sell communities each year which impacts energy contracts and overall strategies. There is a constant demand for active utilities with residents moving in and out. Vacant units need utilities on at all times for turning units and new resident move-ins. Implementing preferred energy suppliers that offer the best rate options for your residents to improve your competitive edge. Residential referral programs that benefit the resident and the owner are also factors.

At Radiant Energy, we understand these complexities and the unique needs of each multifamily group. We create tailored strategies for the most financially profitable

Radiant Energy is the best energy company for multifamily

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Radiant Energy is a multifamily energy company supplying commercial accounts

Commercial Accounts

Multifamily commercial accounts are the common areas where the community pays for the utilities such as hallways, parking garages, etc. Radiant Energy delivers the lowest rates and most favorable contract terms for your portfolio of communities. The objective with commercial accounts is to lower costs and budget utility expenses.

Vacant Unit Accounts

Multifamily vacant unit accounts require special attention. Community staff needs continuous energy service when residents move out in order to turn the unit for the next resident. Although units are not vacant for long, they still use energy and controlling those costs are important. Radiant Energy ensures there’s no interruption of service to vacant units while at the same low rate as the commercial accounts.

Radiant Energy provides the lowest rates to Multifamily customers and vacant units
Radiant Energy offers the highest referral fees for multifamily customers

Referral Fees – Door Fees

Referral Fees or Door Fees are a form of ancillary income communities receive for referring their residents to the preferred supplier. We structure resident referral programs that require less work from leasing staff and preferred supplier rates that are competitive for your residents.

Resident Rates

Resident rates are important to successful energy strategies in multifamily. When it comes to multifamily, the residents come first. Competitive rates keep residents happy while maximizing ancillary income. High rates and difficult energy service give residents a poor experience and reduce referral income.

Radiant Energy has the lowest multifamily resident rates