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Healthcare organizations spend over $6.5 billion on energy each year, and that amount is rising to meet patients’ needs.



Hospitals protect their bottom line by being more energy efficient


By being more energy efficient, hospitals around the country can save money, help prevent greenhouse gas emissions, improve the air quality of their communities, and support their commitment to public health.

For every $1 a non-profit healthcare organization saves on energy is equivalent to generating $20 in new revenues for hospitals or $10 for medical offices. For-profit hospitals, medical offices, and nursing homes can raise their earnings per share a penny by reducing energy costs just 5 percent. By being more energy efficient and saving money, hospitals can reinvest savings from improved energy performance.


However, hospitals have many urgent and pressing needs, such as maintaining a safe environment for patients, budget constraints, inspections, or staff retention issues. Energy management is often a low priority for executives who have many competing priorities and who may believe energy is just a fixed cost of doing business.

As an ENERGY STAR partner we provide:


  • Guides and manuals

  • Training

  • Facility benchmarking

  • Institutional Purchasing

  • Emissions Reporting