Georgia Public Service Commission

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) is the regulatory body responsible for telecommunications, electricity, and natural gas. The PSC handles a wide range of oversight on the companies that provide these services. When it comes to natural gas, the Georgia Public Service Commission oversees monthly pricing from natural gas marketers by publishing the rates on their website and using an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison. Natural gas is a commodity that is traded and pricing is constantly changing. When utilizing Georgia’s PSC pricing website, we suggest visiting with each natural gas marketer to find up-to-date pricing and offers.

Georgia Public Service Commission – Consumer Advocate

The Georgia Public Service Commission is a consumer advocate for natural gas customers. On the PSC website, there is a wealth of information about understanding natural gas in Georgia. From tips on lowering your natural gas bill to understanding the different rates and charges, the PSC’s mission is to help the consumer. If you have an outstanding billing or service related issue that was unable to be resolved with the natural gas marketer, you can make a formal complaint directly with the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Georgia Public Service Commission – Gas Marketer Pricing

The Georgia Public Service Commission publishes natural gas prices by month. The Georgia Gas Marketers’ Pricing chart displays rates offered by Georgia natural gas companies. The list of natural gas rates are offered from certified natural gas providers in Georgia. The price of natural gas changes constantly and rates may change when consumers contact marketers for service. The Gas Marketer pricing charts offer an insight on how to compare natural gas pricing although consumers should make their own comparisons at the time of enrollment.

In addition, the Gas Marketer Pricing comparison shows the variable rates offered for the month. When Georgia natural gas customers enroll for natural gas service, there are a much larger number of rate options available. Other rate options include fixed rates, pre-paid rates, and other discounted or unique rate options.

Georgia Public Service Commission – Approved Natural Gas Marketers

The Georgia Public Service Commission is the regulatory figure that approves natural gas marketers to operate in Georiga. In order to qualify as a certified natural gas marketer, companies must demonstrate technical and financial capabilities to sell natural gas in Georgia. There are currently over ten approved natural gas marketers in Georgia. Only a few approved natural gas marketers are still operating since Georgia Natural Gas Competition opened in 1998.

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