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Georgia Natural Gas

Radiant Energy is a Georgia Natural Gas Company

Since 1998, Georgia natural gas consumers have enjoyed a competitive landscape for energy choice. The Georgia Public Service Commission deregulated Georgia’s natural gas industry. Companies offer a variety of rate options, billing terms, customer service, rewards programs, and more. Georgia natural gas choice means more options and lower natural gas bills for customers. There are over 10 natural gas suppliers in Georgia.

Radiant Energy is an independent energy solutions company for Georgia natural gas customers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with no obligations. We work with the top natural gas suppliers in Georgia to make sure you get lower rates and favorable contract terms. Learn more about energy choice and where it’s available.


Atlanta Gas Light (AGLC)

Atlanta Gas Light is the largest natural gas utility in Georgia. Prior to the Georgia natural gas market deregulating, Atlanta Gas Light was the utility and natural gas supplier. When Georgia natural gas deregulated in 1998, Atlanta Gas Light became solely the utility for its customers. As the primary utility for the state of Georgia, Atlanta Gas Light delivers the natural gas within its delivery system. As the utility, AGL owns and maintains the natural gas infrastructure. Atlanta Gas Light reads the meter each month and sends the data along with its charges to your supplier for billing. If you ever experience a natural gas emergency or smell natural gas, you should contact AGL directly. Learn more about the smell of natural gas and safety tips.

Below is the service area for Georgia natural gas choice and the contact information for AGL.

Natural Gas service area in Georgia - Radiant Energy is a Georgia natural gas company





Industries Using Georgia Natural Gas

Bars and Restaurants - Hospitality - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Industrial - Manufacturing - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Schools and Universities - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Commercial Real Estate - Condo - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Hotel - Hospitality Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Stadium - Arena - Entertainment Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Hotel - Hospitality Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Citrus - dairy - Farming - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy

Georgia Natural Gas Suppliers

Commercial and residential customers in Georgia can choose which company supplies their natural gas. Georgia natural gas suppliers are also known as marketers or third-party suppliers. There are two main parts to natural gas in Georgia: The physical supply of natural gas itself and the delivery service of the natural gas. There are two separate companies that provide each respective service. The physical supply of Georgia natural gas is sold and managed by a natural gas supplier. Meter-reading, emergency services, and the delivery of natural gas are provided by the local utility, Atlanta Gas Light.

We partner with Georgia natural gas suppliers to offer you the lowest rates and most favorable contract terms. Radiant Energy leverages its customer portfolio, industry relationships and expert knowledge to save on natural gas costs. Below are a few of our key Georgia natural gas partner suppliers.

Georgia Natural Gas company
Infinite Energy is a Georgia Natural Gas supplier
Gas South is a Georgia Natural Gas Supplier

Georgia Natural Gas Rates by City

Georgia natural gas rates vary by location. Choose your city below to find natural gas prices in your area. Understanding the various natural gas rates and contracts can be costly. Radiant Energy is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and start saving today!

Georgia Natural Gas Rates by Zip Code


Georgia Facts

Georgia’s Capital

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s Population

10.43 Million (2017)

Georgia Fact

Georgia is known as “The Peach State”