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Florida Natural Gas

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ince 2000, Florida natural gas consumers have enjoyed a competitive landscape for energy choice. The Florida Public Service Commission deregulated Florida’s natural gas industry. Companies offer a variety of rate options, billing terms, customer service, rewards programs, and more. Florida natural gas choice means more options and lower natural gas bills for customers. There are over 10 natural gas suppliers in Florida.

Radiant Energy is an independent energy solutions company for Florida natural gas customers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with no obligations. We work with the top natural gas suppliers in Florida to make sure you get lower rates and favorable contract terms. Learn more about energy choice and where it’s available.


Local Distribution Company (LDC)

A Local Distribution Company, better known as an LDC in Florida, is the local natural gas utility that distributes the natural gas from the city gate to consumers. Florida LDC utilities own and maintain the local natural gas pipelines, meters, and infrastructure. There are 5 LDC utilities in the deregulated Florida natural gas market. The LDC is responsible for the delivery of natural gas, managing pipelines, your natural gas meter, and more. If you ever experience a natural gas emergency or smell natural gas, you should contact your local LDC. Learn more about the smell of natural gas and safety tips.

Below is the full list of LDC utilities and their contact information.

Florida Public Utilities - Florida Natural Gas Supplier - Radiant Energy





Florida City Gas - Florida Natural Gas Suppliers - Radiant Energy





TECO Peoples Gas - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy









Lake Apopka Natural Gas District - Radiant Energy - Florida Natural Gas





Industries Using Florida Natural Gas

Bars and Restaurants - Hospitality - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Industrial - Manufacturing - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Schools and Universities - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Commercial Real Estate - Condo - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Hotel - Hospitality Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Stadium - Arena - Entertainment Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Hotel - Hospitality Industry - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Citrus - dairy - Farming - Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy

Florida Natural Gas Suppliers

Commercial customers in Florida can choose which company supplies their natural gas. Florida natural gas suppliers are also known as marketers or third-party suppliers. There are two main parts to natural gas in Florida: The physical supply of natural gas itself and the delivery service of the natural gas. There are two separate companies that provide each respective service. The physical supply of Florida natural gas is provided by a natural gas supplier. Transportation and delivery of the natural gas is provided by a local utility company.

We partner with Florida natural gas suppliers to offer the lowest rates and most favorable contract terms for your business. Radiant Energy leverages its customer portfolio, industry relationships and expert knowledge to save on natural gas costs. Below are a few of our key Florida natural gas partner suppliers.

Florida Natural Gas - Radiant Energy
Gas South - Radiant Energy
Infinite Energy - Radiant Energy
Interconn Resources - Radiant Energy

Billing Factors

Below are some example of billing factors and terms found on Florida natural gas invoices. These items are common items on a Florida natural gas invoice, but do not apply to all customer types.

The current reading number on your Florida natural gas invoice represents the current reading taken from the meter on the date indicated.

The previous reading is the number read on the meter from the previous meter reading. The previous reading number is subtracted from the current reading nuumber on the meter to determine the amount of consumption to be billed to a customer.

The total current charges is the total sum for all natural gas costs for the current invoice. The total current charges does not include any unpaid balance.

Your Florida natural gas invoice will have all applicable taxes and fees which include local, state, municipal and franchise taxes and fees determined by the State of Florida and/or the local municipality in which the service address is located. All tax excempt account holders must send in the necessary tax excempt forms each year and should monitor invoices to ensure the tax status.

The customer charge is a fixed amount charged by the utility and sometimes the Florida natural gas supplier. The customer charge is billed to cover the cost of your service, meter, and billing. Customer charges are billed each month with every invoice, regardless of the amount of natural gas you use. Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC) approves the amount charged and if there are any changes to the amount requested by the utility or natural gas supplier.

The swing service charge is the cost to cover capacity charges associated with intrastate pipeline transportation. Swing charges only apply to customers that purchase natural gas from a 3rd party Florida natural gas marketer. Most small commercial customers aren’t subject to swing charges and larger customers can choose products and services to manage swing charges.

The base energy per therm cost is a usage based fee charged by the utility for the transmission and distribution charges.

Natural gas is measured in CCF’s and then converted into therms for billing purposes. The CCF’s used is the amount of natual gas used in that given billing cycle.

Rate Types

Below are some example of Florida natural gas rate options available. Rate options will vary based on suppliers, customer type, and location. Radiant Energy matches customers with the rate structures that offer the most savings.

A fixed rate is usually a fixed per therm cost for the natural gas used during the term of the supply contract. Fixed rates for Florida natural gas can vary based on the terms of the agreement but ideally fixed rates have no contingencies.

Florida natural gas Zone 3 is a variable rate option that combines the then current cost of Zone 3 natural gas plus the adder included by the supplier. Zone 3 is one of the most common variable rate options offered.

The Nymex variable rate is a Florida natural gas variable rate option using the Nymex price of natural gas as the base rate plus the adder included by the supplier. The Nymex variable rate is the most commonly offered rate in deregulated markets around the country.

Hedging your Florida natural gas rate is similar to a fixed rate, but has some differences. A fixed rate usually locks-in 100 percent of a customer’s natural gas rate. Hedging a natural gas rate locks in a certain percentage of your natural gas rate while the remaining percentage is billed at a variable rate.

A Variable rate is a rate plan that charges a different amount per therm each month. Each variable rate may use a different rate or calculation to determine your rate. It’s important to know how your variable rate is calculated to understand which rate option is best for you. The biggest and perhaps the only benefit to a variable rate is that there is not usually a contract requirement or penalties for cancellation like fixed rates.

Florida Natural Gas Rates by City

Florida natural gas rates vary by location. Choose your city below to find natural gas prices in your area. Understanding the various natural gas rates and contracts can be costly. Radiant Energy is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and start saving today!

Florida Natural Gas Zip Codes

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