Florida Energy Choice Survey

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES) recently conducted a Florida energy choice survey. The study questioned consumers about competitive energy choice in Florida. Currently about half of the U.S. has restructured energy markets that allow consumers to choose their energy supplier. These deregulated states have a competitive landscape to shop for electricity and natural gas.

Currently, electricity consumers in Florida must purchase their power through the designated energy company in their utility territory. There is competitive natural gas choice in Florida for commercial customers. Learn more about energy choice in your area.

Florida Electricity Status

There are five investor-owned monopoly utilities in Florida: Florida Power and Light (FPL), Duke Energy, Gulf Power, Florida Public Utilities (FPU), and Tampa Electric. Based on the Energy Information Administration’s most recent data, the five investor-owned utilities supply power to about 75 percent of ratepayers in Florida. The other 25 percent of consumers are in municipal or cooperative utility areas. Florida does not currently allow competitive electricity choice for commercial or residential customers.

The Public Service Commission regulates the electric rates and charges billed by the investor-owned electric companies. Rate-cases are presented by the utilities when making any rate changes without any decision from the customer.

While Florida has a regulated electricity marketplace, there is competitive natural gas choice for commercial customers in deregulated territories.

Florida Energy Choice Survey Results

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers study found that 78 percent of surveyed ratepayers want competitive energy options. Much like choosing which gas station you fill up at, or a cell-phone provider, Floridians want the same freedom for selecting an electricity supplier.

Many would expect lower rates to be the primary reason respondent’s desire for a competitive energy market, although the survey found nearly 50 percent would choose a provider on more than just price. The survey revealed the desire for fixed rates, renewable energy, and energy equipment services.

Will Florida consider restructuring its electricity market and open competition? According to the study, three out of four energy consumers would favor “the Florida legislature passing a bill which would allow Florida consumers to choose their supplier of energy”.

Read the full ACCES white paper, here.

Florida Energy Choice Survey - Radiant Energy

American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES)

The ACCES is a group of retail electricity and natural gas suppliers committed to consumer education on the benefits of energy choice. As an organization, ACCES is solely focused on developing and delivering consumer education resources in partnership with public service commissions, consumer advocates, utilities and other suppliers. ACCES conducted the Florida energy choice survey Learn more about ACCES and their efforts by visiting their website, here.

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