In entertainment, every method and process is crucial to creating an authentic experience


The energy in entertainment is the atmosphere that allows guests to have a one-on-one experience with the stars.

All entertainment facilities pose challenges from: facades, lounges, touring floors, performing spaces, arenas, and stadiums. These facilities, in which thousands of people congregate on a regular basis, have to satisfy especially demanding security, safety, communication, climate, energy, and building automation criteria.

Many modern sports stadiums are multi-purpose venues that also host concerts and other cultural events, they require professional audio systems that are cost effective in all aspects including the efficiency of the systems that control and power them. Modern air conditioning and ventilation systems play a key role for entertainment facilities as well. These systems need to ensure that the indoor climate is comfortable all year round, while also contributing to the energy efficiency of a building. LED technology contributes to the efficiency and sustainability of venue by eliminating energy consumption by 75% for each fixture, producing next-to-nothing residual heat. LEDs contain a life ten times longer than halogen and require minimal to no maintenance during the time of ownership.

Every venue is unique to its own. Creating a premium experience is essential to understanding the space not only in dimension, but in, construction materials, equipment, room acoustics, lighting space, as well as the activity taking place, itself.

  • Energy Management.

  • Lighting and Large Format Video.

  • Heating, Ventilation, and HVAC.

  • Extra Low Voltage Services (ELV).

  • Structured Cabling and Cable Management.

  • Service and Maintenance For Facility.